1Pen, 2 Pen, Good Sheep, Loose Sheep!

Molly is making incremental progress. She’s not setting the world on fire, but for a dog with no sheep of her own she’s coming along. We’ve been starting each lesson with nice quiet work in the small pen. She’s becoming a pro at exhausting sheep from the small pen to the alley. The alley work […]

Catching Up!

Simon and Molly have both been busy learning new things about working stock. Quiet is Good. Slow is good. Cheesy pepper biscuits are VERY good!

Calm Work. Really?

Last week’s work was so exciting that i was almost afraid to try to recreate it. “I’m good with that, moving right along.”. However, i’ve yet to find a training method that allows for results that cannot be replicated. Which makes sense as a dog can act very differently in a new place, or different […]