And then, there were 9

No, not 9 dogs. 🙂 9 Sheep. A few weeks ago Molly went back to Dr. Bernstein at Aurora Vet and he was so pleased with her progress. He thought she was 98% recovered and could start to go back to heavy stock. Dr. Bernstein was happy to hear that she was running circles around […]

Finding a Trainer

I’ve been talking a lot recently with a few friends about selecting trainers for different sports. It’s been interesting to me. I don’t tend to get starry-eyed over people. Respect, yes. Rarely do i use words like ‘guru’. I also tend to stay away from those who carry on about themselves. It makes me… uncomfortable. […]

I think she’s feeling better…

About a month ago, Molly and Simon were both hit by a car. Simon, being Simon… he came out with bruises. However, Molly spent 4 days and 3 nights in veterinary ICU and for a while I didn’t think she’d ever be a ‘normal’ dog let alone my beautiful stockdog. She had seemed to loose […]