Herd to Help

Today we did the Herd to Help event and raised $400.00 Very nicely done! Molly and Si went along for moral support. Si was exceptionally peeved that everyone got to work except him. Par for the course. Molly was pretty sharp and attentive to the sheep where appropriate. Every time a set was put out […]

First Week Home

Molly is coming along very well! She has had x-rays of her head and neck at Aurora Animal Hospital and only shows some slight compression near where the neck meet the shoulder. This should pass with time and care. Aside from that her body is healing quite nicely. She has full range of motion in […]

the most horrible thing…

Molly and Simon were hit by a car (speed and type unk) Monday night at 7pm. When I got to her she was stiff, unresponsive, but breathing. I left her with Si to get the truck and loaded her up. During the drive, she ‘woke up’ and tried to get up into my lap from […]