Handler Stress

Handler stress is something that after almost 5 years… I am understanding and conquering.   This is a big statement as historically i’ve been known to come completely unglued if things went wrong.  Understand that a lot of this stems from experiences with Simon where when things went wrong, there was blood.  Not a lot, but […]

Farm Dog

The Wednesday after the FarmDog trial, we had farm stuff to do. The Farm trial was fun and we got a qualifying score, but i was not terribly pleased with what i put out there.  It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t good either.  She stopped when i told her to which was the goal, […]


I am the queen of obscure commands.  I have a terrible memory, and make odd associations… and thus bizarre commands are born.  Mix that with being exposed to five of six different languages before middle school, and my poor dogs don’t stand a chance.  Elsie told me once that the actual words don’t matter to […]