Before i left for Nationals, i needed to blow off steam.  i get wrapped a little tight before big trips. Especially those that include large crowds or being responsible for anything other than myself.  Erin had been on the road a few weeks and i needed to work my dog before handing her over to […]


Before I do the big nationals post… I need to memorialize a moment.  I know it was a moment because Penny made that classic shock face and then started laughing uncontrollably. When I get nervous… and that happens all. The . Time.. I babble. I don’t talk a lot.  I don’t chatter…. I babble. Truth: […]

Pins and Bubbles

I just got home from the 2013 ASCA Nationals (which will get its own post) and i feel like i’m busting with things to talk about.  I worked for judges during Finals cattle, Finals sheep, Finals ducks, pre-trial ducks and Nationals ducks. I also worked the gate at Pre-Trial cattle, but only learned that when […]