K’ass, Kiki and Cattle

1/27/11 I’m so very jazzed about Tait’s Vet. reports. All his reports came back better than I ever expected. All vital organs were functioning perfectly his CBC and chem. panel work came back as completely normal. Because of the raw diet, I also had Toxoplasmosis Titers test done for IgM and IgG. He is a […]


1/23/11 Kane was the only one to do any stock work at all. I had him take the steers to pasture this morning and return them to the barn tonight. He was very keen but held his grip, calmly moving them each way. I’m pretty proud of how he is refraining from biting. I try […]

Road to the CowDog Finals

(admin note: yes, i’m behind.  will do better. ~ amy) 1/22/11 I’m just sitting here looking outside at all the ice this year. Holy smokes the drive into town yesterday was quite the adventure. Ice rain is so different than snow, it’s like water with glue in it. The stuff will stick to anything at […]


I’ve really struggled with this post.  Sometimes when writing i feel a little like i’m posting to two masters; the Training Journal concept and the very public nature of a Blog.  Which, when things go great, are great. When they don’t go as well as hoped, it can be hard to really publicly call a […]