Pins and Bubbles

I just got home from the 2013 ASCA Nationals (which will get its own post) and i feel like i’m busting with things to talk about.  I worked for judges during Finals cattle, Finals sheep, Finals ducks, pre-trial ducks and Nationals ducks. I also worked the gate at Pre-Trial cattle, but only learned that when […]


If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know that Molly has been working on baby-drives.  Walkin’ along with the stock to where they go naturally; learning that they’re not getting away and recently adding in some small steering.  She also pushes them – just so no one thinks she’s become soft, but pushing […]

There be mud in them thar field

Instead of the normal training session, i spent Saturday and Sunday working Molly in Arlington and Stanwood.  Molly didn’t work much in Arlington. As much as i enjoy handling cattle, Molly is still finding her confidence. So while we didn’t use her for breaking calves, we did let her start to move the calves a […]

Bill the Cat

Molly and i went to what is becoming a regular cattle lesson today.  Unlike last lesson, where i had flat-dog… today we had a wonderful little thinking dog and variations of Bill the Cat. Before you get mad at me for poking fun at my dog… i love Bill the Cat and her little Bill […]