If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know that Molly has been working on baby-drives.  Walkin’ along with the stock to where they go naturally; learning that they’re not getting away and recently adding in some small steering.  She also pushes them – just so no one thinks she’s become soft, but pushing […]

Poke, Push, Nag!

My mom always tells me that you can’t make people do things.  A variation on the adage of leading a horse to water.  While i suppose she’s right to a point – i suppose you can prod, push and guilt people into doing things as well.  In the long run doing that doesn’t solve your […]

Fake It till you Make It

This past weekend was a busy dog weekend; both S & M had stuff going on.  We’re waiting on the videographer for the Molly footage, but i still want to have some notes before i completely forget. The work with Molly right now is really more about me and less about her.  She gets it […]


Was a funny thing… i was talking to a person who was new to stock trials, but had taken lessons and she said (no joke) “I could never handle stock back there!  I don’t have enough experience…”. Like that has ever stopped anyone. 🙂  But i felt bad because i laughed out loud and maybe […]