Dog is Wise…

Let’s get the hard part over with.  I drove to San Diego on whim once.  So driving to Spokane and back to Seattle randomly it just one of those things.  It happens. 🙂 I went out with the plan of teaching myself to sit and watch.  I realized not long ago that i’ve never gone […]

The Definition of Insanity

“The definition of insanity is to the same thing over and over, expecting different results” Unknown(really, look at the link!). Molly and I have had a strange relationship with cows. At first, she was an epic fail. Flat flat flat – when she actually tried to interact. Which made me start to wonder if she’d […]

Road to the Bull Sale

1/31/11 I’m really starting to get hyped up. The Klamath Bull Sale dog trials is coming up fast now. Only three more days away. I used Tait to move the steers out to pasture. Today he was driving straight as an arrow reading exactly the right amount of pressure from barn to pasture. I love […]

A Tale of Two Voices

Sunday was the first time Molly and I competed in the winter mock AHBA Ranch Dog Trial series. We showed up after most folks had already done their first run and i was informed that we had chosen an interesting trial to start with as this was by far the hardest course yet. Yay. 😉 […]