Shut it!

Over the years i’ve talked a lot about voice; tone, volume, constant nagging.  You see in my head, i am clear as a bell and it is obvious what i’m looking for, but i’m fairly sure my dogs think i sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Waa bwaa bwa bwa waa… Bwa waa waa wa Nag […]


Just a shortie as today is the first day of the April Trial and i need to get on my way. This past week, the Facebook Page National Purebred Dog Day highlighted the Aussie.  Every couple of days or a week they focus on a breed and ask breed folks all sorts of questions  It’s […]

That’ll Teach You

The last time i got out to work, Erin, RobAnn and I packed up the rigs and headed out to SaraJo’s Farm.  I was hearing a lot of different reviews of the new sheep and the more i heard the less it all made sense.  i’m not above admitting it, i was freaking out a […]

Bill the Cat

Molly and i went to what is becoming a regular cattle lesson today.  Unlike last lesson, where i had flat-dog… today we had a wonderful little thinking dog and variations of Bill the Cat. Before you get mad at me for poking fun at my dog… i love Bill the Cat and her little Bill […]