You are in the wrong place

I’m mushing a few things together here so bear with me. We’re starting to really learn how to do the drive and i’m mentally pooped.  I can make the picture in my head, but i’m struggling to change the picture when the situation change. And it changes constantly.  I’m going to have to find some […]

Mobbed Up

*edited to add the second video bc i forgot. yeeps. With Erin teaching at Sheep Camp, my sheep time has been non-existent.  Which is ok, everyone needs a break.  Fancy dog trainier people call it Latent Learning, there was a study – it’s a good thing. 😉 After a week of cabin fever, i took […]


Just as sure as the sun rises and sets, the following is true: I am a habitual person & my dogs have grown accustomed to my sticking to my habits.  That was no more evident this past weekend when Molly, Erin and I started doing some of the baby steps to driving. Before we start […]

play by play

Molly and i did some practice work instead of lessons this past week.  Here are 2 of the videos. So not so much babbling here. It looks a little odd because i have this bad habit of sending her and then continuing to turn.  Since she is set up at an angle away from her […]