First Practice

Before anyone asks: there is still no video.  We got closer this time, though.  Had camera, dog, handler, sheep, video person (fancy!), but no memory card.  But we’re getting there!! This is the first time i’ve had practice time by essentially alone.  Erin was working her dog in the adjoining field.  Since we were just […]

The Joys of Latent Learning

Latent Learning is basically your dog processing things after the fact.  We’ve all experienced it at one time or another when we ended well in the last lesson doing whatever and all the sudden when you go back to it – it just shows up like it’s been there the whole time. In our last […]

Fall Prep

Fall has come to the valley… and it really is a beautiful thing. In any given day there are showers, rain and sunshine. The leaves from the maples and poplars are changing color, giving the hillsides a patchwork look in reds and greens. Thankfully, the walnut trees won’t loose their leaves for another month or […]

Update 4/12/09

I awoke to a steady drizzle this morning. Not really sprinkles more like a wet mist. Four of our clients went home with Family and two went to Church this morning, Sundays is Vic’s regular days off and she also went to church. I’m just not used to this quietness, the silence was deafening hehehe […]