Come Bye

After taking time off for the holidays, it felt good to get back in the field.  I feel more relaxed, more settled and i have figured out how to make small goals that really work for me.  First, set the big goal, then the small goals, but give those small goals flex.  Imagine a few […]

When You Say Nothing At All

I ended up working Molly at Fido’s this past weekend, but it was unplanned so there is no video. I *really* wish there had been. There were many interesting moments when i was left wondering exactly what the heck happened – in a good way. We’ve been doing steady work on the drive these last […]


Before i left for Nationals, i needed to blow off steam.  i get wrapped a little tight before big trips. Especially those that include large crowds or being responsible for anything other than myself.  Erin had been on the road a few weeks and i needed to work my dog before handing her over to […]

You are in the wrong place

I’m mushing a few things together here so bear with me. We’re starting to really learn how to do the drive and i’m mentally pooped.  I can make the picture in my head, but i’m struggling to change the picture when the situation change. And it changes constantly.  I’m going to have to find some […]