Heybrook Lookout

The dogs and i have been hiking more as we have all gained a few pounds since leaving the ag property for a house ‘in town’.  Since i still use Molly on livestock, it is important that at least one of us not be a physical train wreck. Honestly, hiking also seems to be great […]

He just jumps in…

Sometimes, when a person describes how they completed a task it sounds easy.  Especially when that task is one that you have to repeat.  When Erin told me “We’re going to put a halter on him and i’ve been told he’s going to jump in the back of the truck.” a part of me knew […]

Lemonaide out of lemons

Despite my efforts, this weekend was not a stock weekend.  There was thunder and hail and a power outage… oh mi.  Besides, we had ground work to do as per previous post. So first Molly and i started on leash with the clicker doing moving downs.  We walk, i tell her easy…. down, she downs […]