Changing Tack

As some have noticed, I’ve been really quiet here for the last six months or so.  Molly worked her last trial at Spokane this year.  It has become obvious to me that in not having as much room to run around, her body conditioning has changed drastically and it is affecting her work.  She is […]

What does video teach you?

Video taught me that i can make the same stupid mistakes and if i keep my voice in check, my dog is with me.  When my voice goes angry for no reason, she’s there but she’s not.   WARNING: Do Not watch this first one if you get motion sickness.  I was carrying the camera […]

I get it

This is terribly late because I have about 40 minutes of video to edit, and that is a daunting task. In trying to keep this current though, i think it is important to put it down with or without video. I’ll post later with the video and make a bigger deal about the details then. […]

When You Say Nothing At All

I ended up working Molly at Fido’s this past weekend, but it was unplanned so there is no video. I *really* wish there had been. There were many interesting moments when i was left wondering exactly what the heck happened – in a good way. We’ve been doing steady work on the drive these last […]