Heybrook Lookout

The dogs and i have been hiking more as we have all gained a few pounds since leaving the ag property for a house ‘in town’.  Since i still use Molly on livestock, it is important that at least one of us not be a physical train wreck. Honestly, hiking also seems to be great […]


I’ve really struggled with this post.  Sometimes when writing i feel a little like i’m posting to two masters; the Training Journal concept and the very public nature of a Blog.  Which, when things go great, are great. When they don’t go as well as hoped, it can be hard to really publicly call a […]

Update April 26th – 27th

Tonight I’m writing with a heavy heart. Yesterday (26th) at the Tin Star Ranch we were working with12 heifers and steers, when two turned and headed for the barn. There’s a muddy spot where the run off from the barn sits. This is kind of hard to explain. The steer to the right was out […]