There is something that happens in my world around the beginning of Spring; after the April trial and before Fourth of July when things get quiet. The rented sheep are lambing, my garden demands my attention and the house converts from winter cocoon to summer shelter. Typically, i’d hunker down, scrub the house and get […]

He just jumps in…

Sometimes, when a person describes how they completed a task it sounds easy. ¬†Especially when that task is one that you have to repeat. ¬†When Erin told me “We’re going to put a halter on him and i’ve been told he’s going to jump in the back of the truck.” a part of me knew […]

When You Say Nothing At All

I ended up working Molly at Fido’s this past weekend, but it was unplanned so there is no video. I *really* wish there had been. There were many interesting moments when i was left wondering exactly what the heck happened – in a good way. We’ve been doing steady work on the drive these last […]