Update April 28th

This morning I called the USBCHA and pulled Tait from the finals. I’m sorry I got a wee bit emotional!  I really thought Tait was going to win it all this year, or maybe it was because my buddy is injured that made that call so hard to make. I’m sure everyone else thinks their […]

Update April 26th – 27th

Tonight I’m writing with a heavy heart. Yesterday (26th) at the Tin Star Ranch we were working with12 heifers and steers, when two turned and headed for the barn. There’s a muddy spot where the run off from the barn sits. This is kind of hard to explain. The steer to the right was out […]

Update April 25th

This morning I was going to get a tank of fuel for my diesel truck, and to my surprise it was already full. I guess my son Steve snuck off and filled my truck while I was installing his bathroom ceramic tiles. Sure made me feel good that he did that for me. I didn’t […]

Update April 24th

I finished my son’s tile today, it sure looked good.. I must say I did a dandy job. If only my dog handling comes out as well as my ceramic tile work, we’ll have it made. Tonight has a little nip in the air and a small breeze. It’s to my back so the dogs […]