It seems like lately all of the blog posts start with ‘lets catch up a bit’, but as mentioned in the previous post, my non-stock life has gotten a bit away from me. All in good ways though. When I arrived in Frenchtown to set for the ASCofMontana trial, and unloaded 5 yards of rubber, […]

My Part of the Job

Last week(ish) I tried and failed to do the basic farm sort. All sheep to pens, rough gate sort, then a more refined sort in a smaller space. At first i found myself blaming my dog. I think everyone has done that at somepoint. When you feel so off kilter that you find the easiest […]


I am the queen of obscure commands.  I have a terrible memory, and make odd associations… and thus bizarre commands are born.  Mix that with being exposed to five of six different languages before middle school, and my poor dogs don’t stand a chance.  Elsie told me once that the actual words don’t matter to […]


If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know that Molly has been working on baby-drives.  Walkin’ along with the stock to where they go naturally; learning that they’re not getting away and recently adding in some small steering.  She also pushes them – just so no one thinks she’s become soft, but pushing […]