There be mud in them thar field

Instead of the normal training session, i spent Saturday and Sunday working Molly in Arlington and Stanwood.  Molly didn’t work much in Arlington. As much as i enjoy handling cattle, Molly is still finding her confidence. So while we didn’t use her for breaking calves, we did let her start to move the calves a […]

BlackSheep 2012

First, if you’ve not been able to go out to the BlackSheep trial… it really is a fantastic trial.   The set up in the back is designed for rodeo, with calf  and bronc chutes, but we’re pretty sure it was all handmade.  Not totally intuitive in some places – there is no easy access from […]

Bill the Cat

Molly and i went to what is becoming a regular cattle lesson today.  Unlike last lesson, where i had flat-dog… today we had a wonderful little thinking dog and variations of Bill the Cat. Before you get mad at me for poking fun at my dog… i love Bill the Cat and her little Bill […]

Dog is Wise…

Let’s get the hard part over with.  I drove to San Diego on whim once.  So driving to Spokane and back to Seattle randomly it just one of those things.  It happens. 🙂 I went out with the plan of teaching myself to sit and watch.  I realized not long ago that i’ve never gone […]