That’ll Teach You

The last time i got out to work, Erin, RobAnn and I packed up the rigs and headed out to SaraJo’s Farm.  I was hearing a lot of different reviews of the new sheep and the more i heard the less it all made sense.  i’m not above admitting it, i was freaking out a […]

Fake It till you Make It

This past weekend was a busy dog weekend; both S & M had stuff going on.  We’re waiting on the videographer for the Molly footage, but i still want to have some notes before i completely forget. The work with Molly right now is really more about me and less about her.  She gets it […]

My Monster

A few weeks back, I ended up in a conversation about everyone’s least favorite training topic: Cesar.  In explaining why I don’t personally subscribe to heavy control based training on TV, I shared a little about my monster.  After doing so, I realized that we’ve made a huge blog about Molly – who is wonderful […]

Simon found his groove

Since i don’t compete much, i don’t get to brag very often. More importantly, Molly’s work has taken a backseat as gas prices have gotten higher and other obligations are taking more time. If you’ve ever met Simon in all his spazzy glory, this will make a lot more sense. Last Sunday, Simon and I […]