Moses Lake Trial

2/07-10/11Nothing much to write on these days. I do use either Tait or Kane to take the steers to pasture and then to put them back into the barn at night. But now the steers know the routine. I think they would march either out or back without a dog. Still I use a dog […]

Update April 26th – 27th

Tonight I’m writing with a heavy heart. Yesterday (26th) at the Tin Star Ranch we were working with12 heifers and steers, when two turned and headed for the barn. There’s a muddy spot where the run off from the barn sits. This is kind of hard to explain. The steer to the right was out […]

Update April 25th

This morning I was going to get a tank of fuel for my diesel truck, and to my surprise it was already full. I guess my son Steve snuck off and filled my truck while I was installing his bathroom ceramic tiles. Sure made me feel good that he did that for me. I didn’t […]

Update April 24th

I finished my son’s tile today, it sure looked good.. I must say I did a dandy job. If only my dog handling comes out as well as my ceramic tile work, we’ll have it made. Tonight has a little nip in the air and a small breeze. It’s to my back so the dogs […]