The Final PupDate

A quick recap: in 2008 when Molly came to stay with Simon and I, they were involved in a major accident.  Simon had some edema and bruised ribs.  Molly had lacerations down both shoulder fronts, a completely out of whack neck (discovered days later, but that’s a rant best left for another day) and major […]

Hello Attention Seeking Behavior

When Molly was first in her big accident, I found myself having to do some insta-learning.  In living with Simon, and my own physical hiccups, i’m comfortable with broken bodies.  I know what to do for the most part.  Also, i’m a devotee of Dr. Gregory House – so i know everything. 🙂  Molly’s most […]

I think she’s feeling better…

About a month ago, Molly and Simon were both hit by a car. Simon, being Simon… he came out with bruises. However, Molly spent 4 days and 3 nights in veterinary ICU and for a while I didn’t think she’d ever be a ‘normal’ dog let alone my beautiful stockdog. She had seemed to loose […]

Herd to Help

Today we did the Herd to Help event and raised $400.00 Very nicely done! Molly and Si went along for moral support. Si was exceptionally peeved that everyone got to work except him. Par for the course. Molly was pretty sharp and attentive to the sheep where appropriate. Every time a set was put out […]