Update April 22nd

Today was kind of dreary and windy. Just a drab kind of day, looking like rain but maybe not. I have to work indoors anyhow this morning installing the ceramic tile in my son’s bathroom. Really I kind of enjoyed installing the walls around his tub. I had forgotten how artistic the work I used to […]

Update April 21st

Today it’s just to pretty outside. I had to mow my lawn. Once you start picking up all the stuff from winter, its just amazing how many toys dogs really have. Mine has 4 basket balls and a volley ball. I don’t know how many tennis balls I have mowed but only found two today. […]

Update April 19th

I’ve really thought about last night quite a lot. I’ve decided that I jumped to a greater distance to fast for the dogs. Tonight I am going to downsize everything. These dogs are doing breath taking outruns up to 700 yards with ease. We are not having any problems with the outrun or lifts. We […]

Update April 20th

I spent this beautiful morning getting in hay. I found a deal on second and third cutting alfalfa much cheaper than normal. I was very surprised when I saw what nice hay. I decided to buy extra to have in the barn. This is some of the best hay I’ve ever had on the place. […]