The Poster

I’ve been working on an About the Author page for about a year. So far, its just all bad.

So… me.

Hm. I thought going free form would be less awkward. I was wrong.

This is my training journal. For those who like to remind me “its not all about you, Amy.” This is actually all about me training my dog. So there. It is about me & my dogs; what i see, what i do, what i observe (different from seeing), and what i manage to eventually learn and retain. Some of it is random. Most of it is on topic.

My point of view might be a little different than others. I am a novice handler. I mess things up often, but i am usually the first to own up to it. I run an unpapered black and white Aussie (Australian Shepherd) that i popped out of the shelter while doing rescue work for ARPH. I trial on the rare occasion. My goal is a useful, functional dog. What I learn is colored by my experiences in dog behavior and horses, but i didn’t grow up with dogs or livestock. So often i’m also learning by chatting up other people and occasionally working on their farms. You can learn something from anyone, thought sometimes it is what not to do.

Other bits? I live in the Seattle area, so the rare slightly off-topic post may be a little touchy feely… even a bit socially lefty on the political spectrum. Most of the photos & were taken with a point and shoot or my droid. I tend to be a bit sarcastic. I am not an english major.

So… That’s me.

You can reach me using the form thing. I really do look at it. šŸ™‚

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